rewarding mobile payments. secure & easy It's time to get rewarded for mobile payments.   Coming soon to the Appstore
Introducing Bitmo. The New Mobile Way to Pay. We make mobile payments easy and super secure, but also fun and rewarding. The way it should be.

Simple Tap to Pay

With Quick Scan and GPS Assist, Bitmo probably already knows who you're paying and for how much. Just tap to confirm!

Pick your Display Currency

Pay in Bits, but prefer to see your balance in Dollars? Your choice!

Easily Add Funds

Connect to your Coinbase account within Bitmo, find a local ATM, or easily create a Request Email.


Smart Shopping

We make it easy to find Bitmo Merchants and fall in love with Mobile Payments.

Engaging Consumer Rewards

Pay anyone with Bitcoin, plus find unique Bitmo Merchants to earn loyalty rewards and get freebies.

Detailed Transaction History

With GPS Assist, you know who, where and what you paid for, plus add your own transaction notes.

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Bitmo Merchant Integration

We're continuously working to add Merchants to our Bitmo network to provide consumers a seemless and rewarding mobile payment experience.

Secure Multi-Signature HD Wallets

All Bitmo funds are stored in Multi-Signature HD wallets and give users complete control to their private keys. Learn more about our security model.

Dedicated Support Team

We understand what it means to need app support on any terms: Email, web, or toll-free number. We want to help improve how the world spends money.

Our goal is to create easy, secure and valuable mobile payment experiences by connecting consumers and merchants with emerging technology.