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Create your account, verfiy your profile, and link your contacts - you'll be ready to gift in no time.


Bitmo gifts have real monetary value and can be purchased or redeemed securely with any US bank account.

Gifts for everyday moments

Bitmo makes it easy to send the perfect gift for any occasion-complete with a personal touch.


No more waiting to get there

Send gifts to any US resident with an email address or phone number. No physical address needed!

Recipients Cashout (or Regift)

When you send a $3 Bitmo Coffee, your recipient gets a $3 Bitmo coffee - and can fully cash it out to a linked bank or even re-gift it.

Unclaimed Gifts are Returned

Wrong email? Not to worry. Any unclaimed gifts are returned to the sender with complete reimbursement.

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Cross Platform Mobile Gifting

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Safe Gifting / Secure Funds

All Bitmo gift funds are securely held in partnership with FDIC-insured US financial institutions, compliant with KYC/AML regulations, and built on bank-grade SSL encrypted platforms.

Commitment to Support

We're dedicated to providing an awesome customer experience with live support and exciting features and upgrades designed to enhance the mobile gift experience.

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