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hello, bitmo. the new mobile way to pay making mobile payments easy and secure - but also fun and rewarding. the way it should be.

Tap or Scan to Mobile Pay

We make it so easy to create contactless mobile payments right from your bitmo account - to your favorite places!


Quickly reload your bitmo account by securely linking your existing bank account.

Easily Send Money to anyone

Send money to anyone in the US with a smartphone and an email or phone number - free and instantly!


Custom Social Rewards

We make payments social. The more you interact with your bitmo network, the more valuable your experience becomes.

Location aware

With Quick Scan, GPS Assist and Tap-to-Pay, bitmo is location-aware to make for a truly contextually relevant experience.

Request money from anyone

Split the bill? Need a loan? Just send a quick request to any of your contacts or Facebook friends and receive payments instantly.

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Bitmo Merchant Integration

We're working to partner with key merchants to offer a turnkey approach to better engage with customers through mobile payments. Merchants researching loyalty based mobile payments should contact to learn more.

Secure Wallets / Secure Funds

All bitmo funds are securely held in partnership with FDIC insured US financial banking institutions, built on bank-grade SSL encrypted platforms and comply with KYC/AML regulations.

Commitment to Support

We're dedicated to providing an awesome customer experience with live support, maintenance and a long list of upcoming feature upgrades designed to enhance the mobile payment experience.

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