5 Girlfriends to Celebrate on International Women’s Day

5 Girlfriends to Celebrate on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day recognizes women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements the world over. How you celebrate today is less important than who you celebrate. Here are 5 girlfriends to celebrate on International Women’s Day (and every day).

The Introvert

She might be the first to bail on Girls’ Night, but it doesn’t mean she values your friendship any less than the others. This friend is one of the most loyal and trustworthy women in your circle. Her ability to set boundaries and recharge while you’re bouncing between back-to-back brunches and birthday parties means she’s fully present when it counts the most. Revel in your one-on-one time with her—low-key hangouts and authentic conversations are her jam.

The Hype Girl

She’s the first to comment on your posts. She’s the one you call when you’re having a down day. She’s your hype girl. You feel like the best version of yourself when you’re in her presence and for good reason—she truly believes in you and wants the world to know how bad ass you are. Return the favor when it feels the most genuine—every ride-or-die needs reciprocity from time to time.

The Ringleader

She who coordinates everything from the Airbnb to dinner reservations might drive you crazy at times, but honestly you’d die without her. Appreciate this friend for the Type A diva she is: the one who will not only be there, but the one who will be there early and with coffee. When you remember where you put your 2019 planner, you ought to pencil her in for lunch. Your treat.

The OG

From the moment she shared her Lunchables in fifth grade, you knew you had met someone special. Through decades of partners, schools, careers, moves, and kids, you two have managed to keep up with each other. Your bond with this friend is unshakeable—your time between visits arbitrary. You can still call her in the middle of life’s most challenging moments and she’ll be right there to take you down memory lane and crack you up with inside jokes.

The Bestie

You know her better than she knows herself. She’s seen you at your worst and still supports you like a sister. She’s the first person to bear the brunt of your anger and the first to get a heartfelt apology. She loves you still because that’s her job. Your bestie is your childhood friend, platonic soulmate, or loving spouse. Whoever she is, she’s irreplaceable. Always make her feel seen and heard as your #1 pick among 5 girlfriends to celebrate on International Women’s Day.

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