Bitmo Gets a Spring Makeover

Bitmo Gets a Spring Makeover

Monday, March 20th, marked the first day of spring—a season symbolic of rebirth and renewal. With daffodils abloom, Easter on the horizon, and a legitimate excuse to go shopping (hellooo, Spring Break) there’s yet another reason to love this time of year. Bitmo is experiencing a revival of its own thanks to your feedback.

Believe it or not, you have shaped the future of the app and our vision of smart social gifting. Here’s what you and others have said:

  • Get on Instagram already! Done.
  • It better be free! Is it free? Always.
  • Give us a timeline!
  • We want rewards!
  • New gifts! Re-gifts!

We hear you—and not just because of your blatant abuse of the exclamation point. We appreciate you. If there’s one thing the Bitmo team understands as a startup, it’s to talk less and listen more.

So as we work hard to give you what you want, we ask that you stay close to and our social feeds. What remains unchanged is your direct line to insider promos, special events, and a healthy dose of payment-related nerdery. 

For everything else, we say: ’tis the season to bloom.