Bitmo Raises $50k from Alchemy Fund

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Fabio Gratton, “Chief Alchemist” and founder of Alchemy Fund, is the latest investor to take interest in Bitmo, one of San Diego’s rising fintech startups. While Gratton himself is no stranger to the tech industry as co-founder of CureClick and Sonic Health among others, his fund is the first to branch off from its parent company, Alchemy Factory, a digital health incubator. Bitmo is Alchemy’s first investment following Gratton’s warm welcome to its advisory board.

Fabio Gratton, founder of Alchemy Fund

Bitmo’s goal to become “the future of gifting” has garnered significant attention from angel investors and serial entrepreneurs alike. Its ability to take the traditional gift card and turn it into a social experience among friends is unrivaled in the current market. Consumers will be able to exchange trending gifts with the usability of Venmo and the unique social features of Snapchat. Through its innovative mobile payments platform, the Bitmo app will allow users to securely send and redeem gift cards with their phone, cash out to a bank account, or exchange a gift’s face value from one brand retailer to another.

With a public launch on the horizon, Bitmo continues to gain momentum in its current seed round with opportunity for additional partnerships. For more information, contact