Three Ways to Go Green With Gifts

Three Ways to Go Green With Gifts

As the popularity of minimalism, KonMari decluttering, and eco-friendly packaging has risen, so has the concept of gifting green. Forbes recently revealed that millennials value experiences over things and it’s not hard to see why. Tangible gifts feel exciting at first, but are often tossed aside quickly in today’s burgeoning experience economy. Now you can say no to stuff with these easy ways to go green with gifts.

Put the Phone Down—It’s About Time

It may sound cliche, but time truly is the most precious gift. Hear us out. We’re glued to our phones yet it still takes four months and three rain checks to get your friends together for lunch. Next time you’re tempted to grab a cute coffee mug for a friend’s birthday, consider inviting them over for a home-cooked meal or scheduling a virtual happy hour via FaceTime. In a world where meaningless birthday shoutouts on Facebook have replaced hand-written cards, face to face experiences feel all the more intentional and sweet. Just show up (and don’t forget to put your phone away).

Go Green(er) with Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards continue to top the majority of Americans’ Christmas wish lists for good reason. They’re easy for givers and loved by recipients guaranteed to get what they want. Except that “guarantee” comes with a caveat. Gift cards are issued for stores and restaurants the recipient may no longer prefer while online trading comes at a high cost. Digital gift cards eliminate the risk of loss, theft, and harmful non-recyclable plastic. Mobile tech companies like Bitmo even take the concept of “zero waste” further with free dollar-for-dollar brand swaps. Whether you’re gifting an experience or shopping trip, take it a shade greener with a mobile-friendly card.

Buy Memories Not Mementos

It’s not always easy to go green with gifts, but a well-planned experience is one they’ll remember forever. Not only do you combine the gift of time and money, you show your loved one you care about their interests and hobbies too. Mastering the gift of experience means thinking outside the box. Know a wine drinker? Skip the predictable winery visit and opt for an art gallery opening or Wine and Paint Nite instead. Celebrating a music lover? Research local bands that fall under their favorite genre and hit up a gig! Get creative and plan the day right down to the small details including tips, meals, and transportation.

These and other ways to go green with gifts are great opportunities to wow the eco-conscious friend or aspiring minimalist in your life. Not only will you break away from traditional gift-giving which is stressful, time-consuming, and costly, you’ll decrease the amount of junk that will eventually find its way to a landfill. Gifting a friend and Mother Nature? That’s a solid win/win.

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