iPhone 7: Hype or Hell Yeah?

While you were sleeping last night, Apple began taking preorders for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. With mixed reviews after Wednesday’s event, the new-gen device begs the question: Will Apple offer enough new features to justify the 7’s $649-$769 price tag?

While we debate whether wireless headphones are an essential upgrade or a costly replacement once they inevitably disappear into the same void that claims missing socks and New Year’s resolutions, the payments industry is asking better questions.

Is the iPhone 7 going to make our lives easier? Is it more secure than its predecessor?

The short answer to both is no. Sure, a dual lens 12 MP camera, A10 Fusion Chip, and improved speaker system will make things brighter, faster, and louder, but in comparison to the iPhone 6s, you won’t hold in your palm a revolutionary device.

What you will hold is a phone that provides untouchable security around the one thing that matters most — your money. But the truth is, you already have that security with your current phone. You don’t need a new device to pay smarter.

Android, Apple — the brand doesn’t matter. The ability to keep your hard-earned cash out of the hands of criminals is already in yours.

Soon, Bitmo will allow for single-tap services on those same secure platforms to include:

  • Sending and receiving money
  • Paying with your phone at checkout
  • Consolidating retail loyalty programs
  • Chatting with friends

Yes, the iPhone 7 looks sexier, but if you aren’t seeing the wow factor you hoped for, save your cash. We’ll upgrade you soon enough.