Patriotic Gifts for Friends and Family

Patriotic Gifts for Friends and Family

Show your patriotism with Bitmo — now available in app

Bitmo hopes you’ll hit the polls next Tuesday, November 8th, and flex your right to vote. There’s nothing more American than casting your ballot.

Except maybe apple pie.

Once you’re done posting your “I Voted” sticker on IG, head over to the Bitmo app where you can send a slice to let someone know you care….because pie. But also to…

  • thank a fellow volunteer for his help on your local campaign.
  • honor a vet for their service on November 11th.
  • make amends with your aunt. (That Trump argument did get pretty heated.)
  • tell your best bud you can’t wait to see them at Friendsgiving.

Bitmo gives you the freedom to express yourself however you see fit. Join our patriotic party by downloading the app, signing up, and sharing a sweet message with a little something extra.