7 Scorpio-Themed Gifts for Fall Birthdays

7 Scorpio-Themed Gifts for Fall Birthdays

Scorpios are an intense bunch which can make gift-giving particularly challenging. Chances are you can immediately recall which friends fall under this zodiac sign because, well…they’ve told you. In the spirit of honoring our passionate late October/early November babies, we’ve put together a list of seven scorpio-themed gifts.

Accessorize with a Sign

Timeless pieces are a must for unwavering scorpios. Let them wear their sign proudly on a simple diamond accent necklace. It’s a perfect price point for gifters who want elegance without breaking the bank.

Gift bag need more filler? Throw in a pair of fun scorpio crew socks from American Eagle for understated birthday flair. 

Gifts for the Home

For the decor junkie in your life, you can’t go wrong with a gold leaf framed print for the home or office. Our gift experts say it’ll look best in a guest bathroom or above a gold accented vanity.

Got a coffee or tea enthusiast on your hands? Pick up the white and gold Formations coffee mug from Bed Bath & Beyond. It’s the perfect way to kick off birthday brunch in style.

Scorpios are known to be intelligent and somewhat secretive which makes this luxury monogram journal a classy birthday find for a man or woman.

Scorpio-Inspired Beauty

Julep’s Zodiac Collection nail polish is a fun addition to any birthday package, but Scorpio’s color is particularly stunning. It’s called “Oxblood Vamp Starlit Shimmer” and while it’s oddly specific, we’re not questioning this gorgeous fall hue.

With its near-perfect star rating, Urban Decay’s Moondust Eyeshadow is a no-brainer for makeup-addicted birthday queens. Snag the Scorpio pod to create a bold look with no fuss (or glitter chunks). Bam! Birthday party glam in seconds.

If you’re shopping with Bitmo, you can either gift yourself before hitting the store or send a gift card directly to your recipient with a note of gift inspiration attached. Just remember, passionate scorpios are selective about their possessions. So, in that respect, exchangeable gift cards are the best scorpio-themed gifts of all. 

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