When Contention Calls for Connection

When Contention Calls for Connection

Election Day might be behind us, but the need to be heard is stronger than ever. The fires of social media continue to burn in a fight over which voice can be loud, louder, loudest.

Bitmo has a message too.

Love. Love well. Love hard. Love when you don’t want to. Sprinkle kindness everywhere. Connect. Reach out. Stand up. Speak your message and speak it with intention. Be passionate. Be compassionate. How? Close the laptop for a few. Take a walk and say hello to your neighbors. Meet someone for coffee. Can’t connect face to face? Call a friend. Write a letter to your parents, your siblings, or your children. The Bitmo app provides six ways to craft a meaningful message right from your phone.

Whether you’re celebrating the results of the election or commiserating, the time is now to make lasting connections with those you care about. Politics aside, we’re all we’ve got.

Reminder: November 11th is Veterans Day

Thank a former service member with the gift of apple pie and a note that’s just as sweet. When you send a bitmo, you send a message with monetary value. Recipients can cash it out and buy whatever they’d like! Pie, coffee, a cold one — gratitude comes in many flavors.