Why Gift Cards Make the Best Birthday Gifts

Why Gift Cards Make the Best Birthday Gifts

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that gift cards still outrank all other gift ideas for birthdays and holidays. They’re easy, instant, and as close as you’re going to get your recipient to a happiness-guarantee. We dug deeper to give you five reasons to give a gift card for the next birthday that creeps up on your Google calendar. Consider this your permission slip to “gift green” with zero guilt.

  • Millennials value experiences over things. <Insert lame joke about brunching so hard, they can’t afford homes.> 20-30-somethings are apt to appreciate a gift card that funds their next adventure over, say, a Target gift card. Think Airbnb, Spafinder Wellness, or Topgolf for the fun stuff, but don’t shy away from practical gift cards for things they need also.
  • Two words: Pinterest. Fails. Homemade presents can make for great gifts with proper execution, but there’s a fine line between thoughtful and cheap. Unless you’re convinced your gift recipient is going to love the fruits of your knotty labor, it’s best not to risk the scarf. The last thing you want to do is give a gift that feels obligatory in use. Unfortunately, this expectation only worsens with homemade goods.
  • Shopping is for masochists. OK, not really. But we know very few people who are genuinely thrilled to hit the mall in search of the perfect store-bought gift. Clothing is tricky (what’s their size? will they dig this style?) as are home goods. As comedian, Jim Gaffigan, jokes,

“The person who gives [clothing] is always like, ‘You can take it back if you don’t like it!’

‘That’s alright; I’ll just throw it out. Don’t give me an errand.'”

  • Gifts > gifs. How many times have you visited a friend’s page on Facebook only to see the same “Happy Birthday!” post over and over? If you’re close enough to take time out of your day to wish your old college roommate well, why not send a $10 Coffee Bean e-gift card? Way better than posting a recycled meme.
  • Gift cards are everything-friendly. Not only are they digitized for instant mobile access, e-gift cards eliminate the need for wasteful gift bags, fuel for post office trips, and plastic destined for a landfill. Save the planet and your wallet while ensuring your recipient gets what they want.

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