Your Last-Minute Thanksgiving Checklist

Your Last-Minute Thanksgiving Checklist

It’s official. It happened. Now is an appropriate time to freak out and franticly proclaim, “I can’t believe it’s already Thanksgiving! Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving?” First of all, no we can’t. But here we are, ready to turn your panic into preparation with a handy T-Giving checklist (loosely adapted from Martha Stewart’s checklist because–c’mon, she’s the real OG).

Bitmo’s Last-Minute Thanksgiving Checklist

  • The first priority is stocking your bar. Martha says you should have done that by November 4th, but the past is the past. Get your booze on lock now. Here’s a helpful wine guide for all you Two Buck Chuck sommeliers.
  • Understand that meal prep/cook time and level of difficulty will dictate your cooking schedule. Even if you plan to prepare a full menu day-of, remember this meat-laden soirée is like a wedding: nothing will go as planned. At minimum, you’ll want to knock out the pies 1-2 days in advance.
  • Really important to take inventory of your kitchen. Go through your cabinets and drawers, make note of what you need, and go shopping. Martha would straight up leave dinner if you ran out of forks and forced plastic cutlery upon her…and she’s been to prison. Get it together.
  • Know when you last cleaned your refrigerator? Exactly. Clean it. Not only will this create more space for drinks and leftovers, it will help fill the gaps in your shopping list. This is a good idea even if you aren’t hosting. No doubt it’s questionable.
  • Even though it’s not a Stewart-ism, it’s important: hit the grocery store now. Plan to grab fresh produce next week, but don’t turn that 15 minute errand into a 1.5 hour ordeal. You already know you’re going to feel like a 2nd place contestant on Supermarket Sweep and endure a random guy breathing down your neck at checkout because he thinks COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR PERSONAL SPACE WILL SOMEHOW MAKE THE LINE MOVE MORE QUICKLY AND YOU WILL WANT TO RAGE QUIT THE ENTIRE HOLIDAY BECAUSE SERIOUSLY WHO EVEN DECIDED MARSHMALLOWS AND VEGETABLES GO TOGETHER, AUNT SUSAN?!
  • You should always make time for the fun stuff. Chances are you can still find a local Turkey Trot to participate in or new tradition to introduce. At the very least, light some scented candles and don’t stress too much. It always feels a little more Snoop and a little less Martha by 7pm anyway. You’ll do great.

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